A three person Steering Committee consisting of two people from the consortium and Prof. Tomson are responsible to advise, critique and coordinate Brine Chemistry Consortium activities. Typically, a two-day consortium meeting will be held per year. The first day will be a presentation and discussion of the research and administration of the consortium while the second day will be reserved for mutual training and education on agreed upon topics of common interest to the consortium members and Rice University personnel. To facilitate review and discussion at the meetings, reports of research progress and plans will be distributed at the meeting. In addition, to expedite research and additional discussion regular progress reports will be sent to consortium members between meetings. Based upon anticipated participation of between eighteen and twentyfive companies, it is expected that three full time researchers will be dedicated to this research. Increases and decreases in personnel and research will be made annually as a result of discussion at the annual meetings and the advice of the Steering Committee.

List of current members