Consortium Software

1. ScaleSoftPitzerâ„¢: An Excel based software program to predict scale formation for sixteen different minerals (Carbonates, sulfates, halite, sulfides, calcium fluoride, and silicates). This program is based upon the Pitzer theory of electrolytes, which is generally believed to be the best approach to calculate the effect of high T, P, TDS, composition on activity coefficients. The effect of hydrate inhibitors on mineral scale formation is included for calcite and barite. The effect of ten common scale inhibitors on nucleation kinetics, with or without hydrate inhibitors, is automatically calculated. Mixing of up to five brines and gases in any proportion and conditions is permitted. The latest versions of our software are distributed at Consortium meetings and are available in the password protected portion of our website.

2. SqueezeSoftPitzer, squeeze modeling and design software: An Excel based software has been developed to guide the design and prediction of inhibitor return concentrations. Several new innovations have been included in this code for squeeze design that move the state of art of oil field scale control closer to being based upon molecular understanding of the interaction and thereby predictable. Most of the aspects of squeeze design, such as pill concentration effects, pill pH adjustment effects, and return temperature impact, are modeled with this new software.